Lots of people use fake id, both young and old. For example, as a minor with a fake id, you can get access to the casinos or to the bar to gulp the Irish bear you’ve always wanted. All you would have to do is to flash out your fake id and show it to the bouncers when they request it.

However, when you’re using a fake id, you’ve got to be careful. You don’t want to be caught at all. If you’re caught and prosecuted, you could be punished in several ways. Your driver’s licence may be withdrawn or you may be placed on probation.

So, to avoid this, there are some precautions you should adhere to when using your fake id. We would hold you by the hands here and explain these precautions to you.

Ready? Let’s go!

• Keep your fake ID’s information in memory

Ensure you keep the id information in memory. In fact, know all the data on the id by heart. It’s expected that you know your data by heart and your inability to do so indicates that you’re holding a fake id.

If you use an address you’ve never lived in or are not well familiar with, try to know some remarkable plans and tourist centres around there. You should have an idea of the basic political and economic matters of that address.

Some smart bouncers and security officials can ask you questions about the location in the address you provided on your fake id. Inability to answer questions such as the popular places in your id’s address signifies your id is a fake one.

• Be selective about how you use your fake ID

Yes, for example, with your fake id, you can enter the bar of your choice at any time even as a minor. But, you’ve got to be careful. Avoid going to the bar known for having bouncers with special skills to detect fake ids.

You know those bars, right? Avoid them at all costs. You don’t have to put yourself in any danger. Generally, it’s easy to make and use fake ids from states like Texas, Ohio, California, and Rhode Island.

Also, preferably use an out-of-state fake id. It might not always be in your best interest to use an in-state fake id.

• Express confidence when using your fake ID

Own up to your new identity. Act like an adult and don’t be unnecessarily timid when holding or using your fake id. Look at the bouncer in the eye and ooze no fear at all. The truth is that bouncers and law enforcement officers look at the confidence or diffidence of cardholders to detect if they’re holding a fake id.

Appear calm all through. Avoid placing your finger around the photo on your id. Don’t do anything that may come off as you concealing certain facts or things. Don’t try muddling yourself up with the crowd and avoid getting unnecessary attractions to yourself.

• Don’t flaunt your fake ID always

You’re so enthusiastic you would be exploring the freedom your fake id offers. But, a fake id remains one, though the ones manufactured by notable manufacturers like idgod appear closely like a real id. You don’t have to flaunt your fake id unnecessarily unless a security officer, bouncer or bartender requests for it. Just keep it and make it safe.

Also, you don’t have to always go to the bar all day. Rather than visiting the bar to buy a bottle of alcohol, you should consider getting 5 bottles of alcohol once a week. If you have nothing tangible to do at the bar, you should refrain from going there. Sometimes, you may have your adult friends buy your alcohol for you at the bar. No, you’re not restricting your freedom. You’ve just got to be careful.

• Put your friends on notice

If you’re using a borrowed fake id and you would be visiting the bar with your friends, ensure they’re aware you’re using a fake id. Inform your friends to call you by your fake id name and not by your real name.

Calling you your real name would easily signify that you’re impersonating or using a fake id. That may get the bouncer to ward you off the bar or call the police on you. That might not be a cool stuff.

• Know the zodiac sign of the birth date on your fake ID

Some bouncers won’t ask you your actual date of birth, but rather ask for your Zodiac sign. You’re presumed to know your Zodiac sign and stating an uncorresponding sign may give room for suspicion.

• Be friendly to the bouncers

Don’t be the hard guy or girl to the bouncers. Become friendly to them and try to be in their good book. You don’t have to appear desperate for this or force the friendship.

When you’re friendly with the bouncers, they may not seriously scrutinize you before entering the bar. In fact, you may not have to show your id all time before entering the bar.

• Have another ID too

Generally, whether you’re using a manufactured, altered or borrowed fake id, always have a second id with a name that matches the name on the fake id.

If you’re using a borrowed fake id, you should also borrow or get a hold of any other id of the actual holder of that card. The bouncers can ask you to show any other ideas and a debit card or student id bearing a corresponding name is a perfect fit here.

• Avoid going to the bar in a company of underage who all hold fake ids

Imagine being a high school student in California and you and your friends totalling 11 in number enter a bar with all of you holding Ohio fake ids. The bouncer may be drawn to suspect you all – why do you all have Ohio ids when you’re in California?. The bouncers may seize your fake ids.

Preferably, don’t frequent the bar with a group of young guys. You can always go solely or perhaps with a lady. The bouncers may see you both as a young couple. So, who accompanies you to the bar matters to your fake id arrangement.

Note that if you and your friends want to order fake ids, especially at the same time, avoid providing closely similar data. The state, expiry date, names and other data of each person should differ.

• Try to look like your acclaimed age on your fake id

You don’t want to look like a teenager when your fake id says you’re 25 years id. If you’re a male, you can keep some facial hair and dress smartly too. Appear and act mature. You don’t have to necessarily flash out your id to the bouncer at the entrance when he has not asked for it. Only show your id when the bouncer requests it. Be firm and confident all through.

• The type of club or store you visit matters

If you would be going for clubbing at a top-class club, there’s a higher risk your fake id would be detected. Fake ids are often more intensely scrutinized in top-class clubs, than in m low-tier clubs. Similarly, the cashier at a mega-store may be more critical in scrutinising your fake id than a cashier in a corner shop when buying alcohol. The local clubs and corner shops should be your go-to than the top-class clubs and megastores.

• Avoid using a photocopied fake id

Preferably, always present the original fake id. Photocopies of fake id may be obvious to detect as fake. If you go to the bar with a photocopy of your fake id, the bouncer would most probably suspect your id is a fake one and may further request another id.

You should therefore get your fake id from a trusted manufacturer. You would not want to get a fake id with its printer’s ink melting on and staining the bouncer’s hand. At idgod, we’re here for you. We manufacture the best fake id ever.

• What should you do if you’re caught using a fake id?

In any case, if a bouncer, bartender or law enforcement officer detects your id is a fake one, mildly and confidently assert that your id is a genuine one. Don’t concede at the onset that your id is fake.

However, don’t push this too far. If you notice the matter is escalating, kindly let go of the fake id and leave the bar or establishment immediately. If you do this, the bouncer may only seize your fake id and most probably, no charges would be pressed against you. Else, you may be arrested and charged in a lawsuit for possessing or using a fake id.


Even though using a fake id has some risks, you can avoid and mitigate the risks by adhering to the above precautions. You should get your fake id from a trusted source like idgod. At idgod, we would help you reduce the possibility of being caught by producing the most real fake id for you.




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