In these tough economic times of recession, the export market of industrial sectors from Mexico is showing definite growth. Mexico’s role as a major cross border partner has been on a rise ever since the North American Free Trade Agreement was signed. Mexico is no longer a victim of US protectionism. In fact, Tacna is benefiting a lot from such a policy, which serves as a gateway to the European and American markets. Given below are some of the leading industries from Mexico that continue to reap rich dividends:

Textiles This industry involves producing textiles using all natural fibers such as cotton, wool, jute etc. It also involves the production of clothing, linens and bedding. Some of the most popular textile products manufactured in Mexico are sweatshirts, jeans, T-shirts, hoodies, leather items, bags and accessories. The textile manufacturing sector employs thousands of people and is a major contributor to the gross domestic product (GDP).

Plastics & Rubber Manufacturers This sector mainly deals with the production of plastic and rubber products. Most of the plastic and rubber products that enter into the international markets are manufactured here. Some of the popular materials entering the Mexican market are baby bottles, utensils, food containers, plastic buttons etc. These products are generally consumed locally. There are many plastic and rubber manufacturers in Mexico that focus on high-tech machinery and equipment to manufacture high quality products at low cost.

Pharmaceuticals – One of the fastest growing sectors of manufacturing in Mexico is the pharmaceutical manufacturing. This includes production of medicines for chronic and acute health problems. All the generic and localized forms of essential drugs are manufactured in this country. Many of the big pharmaceutical companies from India are coming to Mexico to tap its huge potential medical care needs.

Automobiles – Auto industry is one of the fastest growing segments in the Mexico market. Mexico is emerging as a world leader in the automobile sector. Most of the cars being built here are sold outside the U.S.A. Most of the American car makers have set up their manufacturing facility in Mexico. Many of the Mexican-based car companies are designing, manufacturing and exporting their high tech vehicles across the world. Some of the popular automobiles being manufactured by these companies include Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Fiat, Hyundai, Nissan, Chevrolet, Opel, Saab and Lotus.

All the above-mentioned manufacturing industries contribute to the overall industrial output. They help in promoting domestic as well as foreign economy. The foreign investors in these industries benefit by selling products in different parts of the world at internationally acceptable prices. These products are made using advanced technology and can be manufactured in any part of the world, but their price is far less compared to those manufactured in the U.S.


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