If your partner has a curved penis, you should be aware of the signs and symptoms of Peyronie’s disease. The condition, sometimes referred to as curved dick, is the result of scar tissue that prevents penis from being straight during intercourse. If your partner has a curved penis, there are two possible treatments: surgery and shockwave therapy. Shockwave therapy is a form of treatment that targets the scar tissue that causes a curved penis to bend during sexual intercourse. If your partner has a curved penis, surgery and shockwave therapy are both reserved for men. Know how to make a curved penis straight for the great sex life.

Curved dick is a symptom of Peyronie’s disease

While it’s rare for a curved dick to require treatment, it can be one of the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease. A physical exam can help a physician determine whether your penis has Peyronie’s disease. If the dick is bent or curved, this can affect erections and sex. The acute phase typically lasts for five to seven months, although the disease can last up to 18 months in rare cases. During this time, plaques begin to form in the penis and can make sex difficult. Once the plaques start growing, the penis will enter a chronic phase and gradually deteriorate.

If Your Partner Has a Curved Penis Heres What You Need to Know About it

Treatment for Peyronie’s disease varies widely. Surgery can remove plaque and apply a graft where it was previously attached. Penile plication procedures can straighten the curvature. Injections of vitamins E and B vitamins have some success, but there’s still no sure cure. However, radiation therapy may provide some relief from the pain.

Shockwave therapy is reserved for men with a curved penis

Low-intensity shock wave therapy can help reduce pain associated with peyronie’s disease, or curved penis. This treatment works by applying shockwaves directly to the penile plaque and softening the tissue around it. The result is a penile erection that is curved to an appropriate angle for easy intercourse. Shockwave therapy is a proven, effective treatment for men with curved penises.

While the treatment can help relieve pain and eliminate a curved penis, not all men will respond the same way. Some men with Peyronie’s disease experience different results. Other men with impaired muscle tissues may lose constriction. But shockwave therapy can effectively eliminate the penile curve. This treatment breaks up plaque and tissue buildup underneath the penis, improving blood flow and removing the cause of the curved penis.

Although shock wave therapy is not suitable for every man, it is still beneficial for those with curved peniles. Shockwave therapy is used to improve the condition of men suffering from peyronie’s disease. However, it cannot address penile curvature in men who have no underlying disease. It may also be ineffective for those who have a peyronie’s disease and are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Surgery is reserved for men with a curved penis

Men with severe deformities may opt for surgery. However, the urologist will first recommend waiting a few months for the deformity to get better before performing the surgery. If the deformity is minor and does not prevent sex, it is possible to shorten the unaffected side of the penis. If the deformity is more severe, surgery will likely be recommended only if medication and non-surgical treatment have failed.

A curved penis can be embarrassing, cause pain during sex, or cause a man to experience embarrassment. Fortunately, surgery is available to correct this condition. Recovery is quick, and risks of infection are low. This procedure can also prevent Peyronie’s Disease. However, surgery is reserved for men with more serious deformities who can no longer achieve erections hard enough to enjoy sex.

Scar tissue causes bending of a curved penis during sexual intercourse

When a man’s penis becomes curved during sexual intercourse, he may not be aware that he is hurting it. This condition, called Peyronie’s disease, causes scar tissue to develop on the penis. The curved penis makes intercourse difficult, and a doctor may diagnose it during an exam. It is not contagious and there is no disease transmitted to the partner, but repeated trauma to the penis causes the tissue to swell and cause bending.

Men who have a mild to moderate curvature can undergo suturing or plication techniques to straighten the penis. These methods vary by surgeon experience, but are generally effective. If the curved penis persists and interferes with intercourse, surgery may be needed to straighten it. Surgical procedures can be risky, but the success rate is high and the recovery time is relatively short.


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