Cricket uniforms, or commonly known as cricket shirts, are the outfit worn by all players and in most cases consists of a shirt, shorts and a jacket. Cricket uniforms also include footwear such as cricket boots. Cricket uniforms of Cheeta Teamwear are specially designed for certain groups of players. These groups include part-time players and trainees. Cricket uniforms vary according to the level of the player.

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Polyester is the fabric of choice for cricket uniforms because it is light, easily fitted, cost effective and comfortable to wear. It can be easily washed with mild detergent in an ordinary washing machine and then dried in the dryer. A cricket uniform made of polyester can be machine pressed to get a more tailored look. The material can be dyed to get different colors according to the requirement.

Cricket teams often outsource their uniforms to sports apparel companies based in countries like India, Pakistan and USA. A number of companies have started producing cricket uniforms, which are popular worldwide. Cricket teams often require polyester tops to maintain the sleekness of their look. Some teams have decided to use authentic and sublimated logos that are printed on the cricket uniforms. These are the best options as these logos are professionally done using dye sublimation technology.

Cricket uniforms are mostly worn by players while playing cricket; however, some team logo can also be worn to enhance the look of the players. Cricket uniforms play an important role in representing the individual spirit and character of an individual cricketer. Cricket uniforms are usually very expensive, as it includes several items such as cricket shirt, shorts, socks, gloves, hat and footwear. Cricket team uniforms are made up of fabrics that absorb moisture and provide a comfortable feel to the wearer. Cricket uniforms made up of special fabric like polyester is the best option for players who are required to play in extreme weather conditions. Cricket uniforms represent the dignity of the cricketer and his team and are a symbol of pride for all.

Cricket teams can also choose from a wide variety of cricket uniform design. Cricket uniforms can be purchased in many different patterns including CCPro, SMSG, Plain chest, Short sleeved and long-sleeved shirts, trouser, cap and socks. There are many other accessories available along with the cricket uniforms such as training wear, shoes, boots and throw back caps. Each of these accessories has its own specific purpose, which makes them unique and in demand.

Cricket teams choose their cricket uniform design according to their budget and the overall look they want for their team. Cricket teams can also choose between short-sleeved shirts, long sleeved shirts, caps and socks that have different logos. A wide range of cricket uniforms are available online.


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