Having a pristine and shiny car is important for many car owners. After all, one of the main reasons people buy new cars is because of their new-car smell and look. If you want to keep your car looking its best, you can use detailing products. One such product is ceramic coating.

Protects paint from oxidizing

Ceramic Coating Canberra is an excellent way to protect your car’s paint from oxidizing and other forms of damage. This type of coating is easy to install and can add years to the life of your vehicle. In addition to the long-term protection, ceramic coatings also add value to your vehicle.

Ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution that bonds to the surface of your car’s paint. It provides an additional layer of protection from damaging elements such as dirt and water, as well as UV rays. This layer also leaves the factory paint job untouched. Ceramic coating is an excellent way to protect your car’s paint from oxidizing, which can damage the finish over time.

Ceramic coatings seal the pores in the paint of your car and provide superior hydrophobic properties. They also are resistant to extreme heat, ultra-violet rays, and chemicals. They form a semi-permanent bond with the surface of your car, and will never wash away or oxidize. Ceramic coatings are made from graphene, which is a super strong substance that is about 200 times stronger than steel. It also has exceptional mechanical and electrical properties.

Prevents chemical stains

Chemical stains on vehicles can greatly damage the exterior of a car. The surface of your car is prone to chemical stains, caused by acidic environments and poor air quality. Even the most thorough cleaning may not keep stains from appearing on your car. Fortunately, there are a number of solutions to help prevent these stains.

A ceramic coating is an excellent way to protect your vehicle from stains caused by chemicals. These stains can result from a number of things, including winter road treatments and pollution. Since ceramic coatings are cured and hardened, they prevent chemical stains from penetrating the paint surface.

Resists water

A ceramic coating for vehicles is a good choice if you want to protect your paint from water damage. These coatings prevent water from sticking to your paint and will be difficult to stain. Furthermore, they protect your car from oxidation damage caused by UV rays. Oxidation damage is a sign of paint breakdown and can cause your car to lose its brilliance. By using a ceramic coating on your car, you can prevent oxidation damage from occurring.

A ceramic coating can provide superior protection against the damage that a regular wax can cause to your paintwork. Furthermore, it will protect your vehicle’s resale value by keeping it free from water and dirt. You can easily maintain your car’s exterior with a ceramic coating by washing it once every two weeks.

Lasts 4-6 months

The lifespan of a ceramic coating on a vehicle varies depending on the type and road conditions. In places with heavy snowfall, the coating will experience accelerated wear, especially in high-impact parts such as the front bumper, hood, lower doors, rocker panels, and mirrors. In colder climates, road salt can cause discoloration and chipping of the ceramic coating with every mile driven.

To extend the lifetime of a vehicle’s paint finish, you can use a ceramic coating or a plastic protective film. These products help extend the life of the paint and are recommended for vehicles that have a high-gloss finish. They can also be applied to the wheels, extending the life of your wheels and the surface of the car’s body.


If you’re looking for an excellent way to protect the paint on your vehicle, you can look into a ceramic coating. This type of coating can protect your vehicle for up to five years. But, the price tag can be high – anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000. To save money, you can also try DIY ceramic coating.

Ceramic coatings are made with Silicone Dioxide, a chemical-based polymer solution. Once applied, they cure to a clear coat and last for years. Professionals charge a higher price for this type of application compared to wax or sealant applications.


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