Where and when:

18th of August 2018 at CoderAcademy - Level 2, 7 Kelly St., Ultimo 2007, Sydney NSW (15min walk from Central station)

What it's all about:

We believe that any woman should try programming at least once in their life. There for we created a community where in friendly atmosphere with great vibe you can try programming first time or if you already code - learn something new about JavaScript and/or Node.js.

Our full day coding bootcamps are also a great opportunity to grow your network and meet new people with similar interests. Come and join our FREE event for women with lunch provided.

This time we organized something new for you and decided to start bringing outstanding women from other industries, to learn from them and teach them what we know. In August our topic will be Sports and our invited guest is Katelyn Bartlett - WFF Miss Universe Pro Sports Model and WFF Miss Galaxy Super Model. She will tell us about her journey to success and will give us some tips on how to stay fit while sitting all the day :)

What to bring with you:

On the day attendees will work on workshop of their choice:

1. Introduction to JavaScript - complete beginners level - workshop that will introduce you to coding and JavaScript (popular programming language) syntax. The format will be code-alone with the explanations in the tasks and help of our mentors. Workshop will be facilitated by Leah Cerinich from Coates Group.

2. Introduction to Vue.js - basic understanding of JavaScript and Node.js required - Vue.js is a modern hot JavaScript framework. Wokrshop will be guided by William Wise from SiteMinder.

3. Introduction to NodeBots. NodeBots are (quite literally) robots of one kind or another that can be controlled via NodeJS. This workshops requires some prior knowledge of coding - some understanding of JavaScript basic syntax. I hope it will not stop you from signing in. Also you can try this free online workshop to learn this basics: Introduction to JavaScript. Workshop will be guided by Willson Mendes from Atlassian.

Who is Katelyn Bartlett?

Katelyn holds a Bachelor and Master degree in Business. However, she left the corporate world to follow her personal passion for health & fitness. She became a personal trainer in 2013 and hasn’t looked back.

In 2016 she set her mind to use her love for weight training to compete in the sport of bodybuilding. The first year Katelyn stepped on stage she went on to win a total of 1st place 8x times between the INBA & WFF shows. Then in 2017 she won her place as a WFF Professional Sports Model along with the title of WFF Miss Galaxy Super Model and WFF Miss Universe Professional Sports Model in Rio!

This year Katelyn is prepping to take on the WFF World Title on her home soil in the USA, representing Australia. She is also branching out online with Ebooks. The first Ebook: Fit-Start is a 12 week program highlighting exercises that can be done at home & includes weekly mindset tasks. This is perfect for those who are just starting out, don’t have time to go to the gym or who travel a lot for work staying away in hotels.

Specially for NodeGirls Katelyn is offering monthly newsletter subscription and a chance to win some goodies from her and a free session on setting up your physical and nutrition goals or training plan. Subscribe

How much does it cost:

This event is FREE of charge. With food and drinks provided. It is possible because of our generous sponsors - CoderAcademy, GitKraken, Deputy, TabCorp amazing mentors and energetic organisers :)

How to get a ticket:

Simply fill in the REGISTRATION FORM, with few questions so we can better organize day for you.

Can I bring my kid:

Absolutely! If you have no one to leave a kid with - bring him/her with you. When you filling in the form put +1 next to your name, so we know how many kids we might have on the day :)

Can I be a mentor on the day:

Of course! Even if you are a beginner in Javascript you can still try yourself as a mentor with Introduction to JavaScript workshop! Sign in here: MENTORS FORM

If you have any further questions don't hesitate to email us.