NodeGirls Melbourne

Where and when:

21st of October, 2017 at Common Code - 8 Studley Street, Abbotsford, VIC 3067 (5min walk from Victoria Park train station)

What it's all about:

We believe that all women should try programming at least once in their life. So we created a community that creates a safe, friendly environment for women to try programming for the first time or if you already code - learn something new about JavaScript and/or Node.js.

Our half day coding bootcamps are also a great opportunity to grow your network and meet new people with similar interests. Come and join our FREE event for women with lunch and tea provided.

What to bring with you:
Agenda of the day:

On the day we will be working on 'Letter to Santa' workshop for beginners. We will start with a short presentation on how to set up everything on your machine. The format of the event will be code-alone with the explanations in the tasks and help of our mentors.

How much does it cost:

This event is FREE of charge. With healthy lunch and drinks provided. It is all possible because of our generous sponsors who covered not only food/drinks but also some important things as venue/advertising and many other expenses Common Code, Blue Dot Innovation and RedWolf+Rosch!

How to get a ticket:

Simply fill in the PARTICIPANT APPLICATION, with few questions about your dietary requirements and level of programming skills, so we can better organize the day for you.

I'm interested to be a mentor on that day:

Sign up at MENTORS FORM, and we will get in touch with you shortly.

Can I bring my kid:

Absolutely! If you have no one to leave a kid with - bring him/her with you. When you filling in the form please let us know in the comments section, so we know how many kids we might have on the day :)

If you have any further questions don't hesitate to email us.