NodeGirls Brisbane has been running since May 2017.
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Saturday 12 th August 2017
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10:00 - 16:00

A free half day Node.js workshop for women. This will be an Introduction to NodeJS and ExpressJS workshop.

Meet the Team

Anwesha Chatterjee

Software Engineer at Red Hat

Laura Gieco

Software Engineer at Boeing

Armağan Ersöz

Software Engineer at Red Hat

Devmei Senarath

Systems Engineer

Joshua Wulf

Just Digital People, Co-founder of Magikcraft

Laura Bailey

Senior Technical Writer at Red Hat

Tim Marwick

Cofounder at Magikcraft, Coding in Node, React, GraphQL

Dana Mison

Software Engineer at Red Hat

Lilly Piri

Illustrator, coding in React & React Native

Jennifer Reeve

.NET developer at TechnologyOne

Ian Gregor

webdev / misc dev / IT / misc web